About Us

Rolls Studio, a perfect place, serves many yummiest Veg and Non-veg rolls in Moradabad with other delicious Food and drinks. Rolls Studio has around thirty-five rolls include- Harabhara Roll, Classic Chicken Rolls, Paneer Roll, Double Egg Roll, Veg Manchurian Roll, and much more. We started it with an honest and straightforward thought to change the tiresome trend of serving rolls, So, we have added more varieties of the roll with some fantastic recipes at Rolls Studio. Moreover, we never let price affect our customers to enjoy our hygienic and delicious rolls. Our roll started with Rs29. Our aim is much bigger than serving delightful rolls. We want Rolls Studio to reach every house in Moradabad as a complete family meal for all.

Best rolls in Moradabad

  • We serve freshest, juicy, huge, and delicious rolls at budget-friendly prices that start from Rs29. 
  • We also provide home delivery with the proper neat and clean packaging of foods.
  • Our rolls are crispy, juicy, and full of stuff, making you want to ask for more.
  • We also prepare rolls per our customers' demand for events or parties, making Rolls Studio's rolls the best in Moradabad.  
  • So, Hello, folks!! Wanna satisfy your soul? Then welcome to the world of rolls. Rolls Studio is the perfect place you are always looking for

Why Choose us

100% Organic Food

We use the freshest and high-quality ingredients with proper hygiene and care in Preparing our rolls and other dishes.

Great Food Taste and quality

The Food's quality and the ahhh-Mazingg taste will satisfy your tummy and urge you to ask more...

Various Menu

We Serve around 35 different Rolls with different flavors of drinks and much more

Well Served

We serve our fresh, crispy roll in a neat, clean paper roll.

Our Story


    Folks Are getting bored day by day by eating the same rolls frequently. Hence, to change this boring trend, the concept of Rolls Studio came. We are here to serve different varieties of rolls with some amazing recipes.


    Our rolls are pocket-friendly. Anyone can enjoy the tastiest Rolls and Drinks of Rolls Studio, as it starts with just Rs29. You can enjoy other dishes as well, to make your meal perfect.


    Our huge variety of rolls and dishes will deport you to the good times. With every bite, you will get a nostalgic feel sufficient to satisfy your soul.


    The concept of rolls studio came to break all the stereotypes of serving rolls in Moradabad. At Rolls Studio, we serve you different varieties of rolls and other yummy dishes.

70 Menu Items
400Daily Customers
30Expert Chefs
4Years of experience